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Protection from Electromagnetic Frequency Waves (EMF)

The human body is made up of physical and chemical structures, but did you know it also has subtle energy fields known as bio-energy? We are continuously radiating, absorbing, and conducting frequency waves of energy, and strong healthy bio-energy is crucial to a healthy life. The Chinese have known about this energy for 5,000 years. Have you heard of acupuncture? We MUST protect the vital bio-energy flow throughout our bodies. It must be free-flowing, and in perfect vibration, or frequency. Any disruption or imbalance of the bio-energy pathways or frequencies can lead to problems. 

The energy is achieved through technology that is a trade secret to Basic Reset brought together by Dr. Fred Kaufman (CEO). After decades of study, research, and testing, Dr. Kaufman finally found the answer to his search.

Decades in development, the energy from Energy FX helps to strengthen your natural bio-energy, keeping you strong against the onslaught of EMF waves (electromagnetic frequency) produced from electrical devices and Wi-Fi. 

Energy FX can help to protect adults, children, and pets from the harmful frequencies generated by cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, GPS, computers, T.V.’s, appliances, fluorescent lighting, and the list goes on and on. The accumulation of all of these electromagnetic frequencies together can negatively affect our body on a molecular level. Even if you don’t “feel” any different wearing Energy FX, you can rest assured that you are being protected. Many have reported an increase in physical energy and a decrease in pain.

Household Appliances Producing Large EMF Exposures

Common household appliances produce EMF that brings energy pollution straight into your own home and exposes every member of the family. Another conductor of EMF is anything that uses low voltage which contains a transformer such as: electric chargers, electric alarms, laptops, low voltage lights, etc. Lastly, high levels of EMF are produced by anything with high consumption such as: electric heaters, floor heating, boilers, etc.

Even though the frequency from household electrical devices is not at the level of x-rays or gamma-rays, they still pose a problem. The multiple levels of bombardment of the various electrical devices at the same time increases the EMF exposure, and also the potential negative effects on our body.

Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radio Frequency

Most of us are constantly being flooded with electromagnetic “smog” of bad energies from Wi-Fi, GPS, cell phones, florescent lights, microwave ovens, and other electrical devices, which can disrupt and interfere with our body’s bio-energy. Magnetic fields are measured in units of Gauss or milligauss (mG), which is one-thousandth of a Gauss, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that we limit our exposure to 2.5 mG.

A 10-watt fluorescent light tube produces an EMF that is twenty times stronger than an ordinary 60-watt bulb; and in offices and schoolrooms lit by multiple banks of fluorescent tubes, everyone in the room is exposed to EMF far above the safety level of 2.5 mG, recommended for human health. business”>Business image created by Phduet –</a>

Electric hair dryers produce a harmful field of 50 mG at six inches – 20 times the safe limit! Do you think you should mention this to your hairstylist who is exposed to this level of EMF all throughout the day? When you are three feet away from a microwave oven, you are exposed to up to 25 mG. You might want to think twice before standing in front of the microwave while using it. As you can see, our daily exposure to harmful EMF pollution far exceeds the limits recommended by the EPA.

Modern flat-screen TVs, whether LCD, LED or Plasma types emit high levels of electromagnetic frequency when viewing at very short range. Don’t let children sit or stand too close to a TV.Energy FX is a simple solution to what seems like an insurmountable problem. The positive healthy energy from Energy FX overrides the negative EMF pollution. Order this pendant for yourself, your children, and your pets, and don’t forget to tell your friends and loved ones. You only need one for the rest of your life, unless you lose it. Share Energy FX with your hairstylist and anyone else using electrical devices in their profession.

I have worn the basic Energy FX pendant for a couple of months now and feel a whole lot better about having it to protect my health. I even gave one to a friend who is fighting cancer. It is good for a lifetime. 

The following is a video showing a medical doctor’s review on the effectiveness of the Energy FX pendant. For those who would rather skip the technical explanation and cut to the doctor’s findings, begin the video at the 4-minute mark.

This information and more can be found on the Basic Reset website:

I need to mention that this is an affiliate link. Should you purchase this item, I will receive a commission. If you want to learn more about being an affiliate, please see my post in Extra Income.  To view the affiliate opportunities with Basic Reset, click on the website address above, take a look at their wonderful products for providing a healthy lifestyle at any age, and then click on the Opportunity tab.

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