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Another reason I wanted to start this blog is that I use a product that I think would be helpful for a lot of older folk even though its health benefits are not restricted to just seniors. Like most my age, I have experienced the consequences of aging, some natural and some brought on by a not-so-healthy lifestyle, including unhealthy eating habits. In all honesty, prior to Medicare, I went to the doctor only when I could no longer tolerate the pain or inconvenience of a medical condition.

When I finally had to schedule a required Medicare checkup, I was told I was overweight (no surprise there), had high cholesterol levels, and was borderline diabetic. Straightaway, the doctor wanted to put me on medication for the cholesterol and diabetes. However, I didn’t want to rush into taking pharmaceuticals. My forgoing the medication would ultimately result in this particular doctor giving me an ultimatum, either I take the medications  – or find another doctor. I found another doctor.

However, this initial diagnosis launched my odyssey in search of ways to restore my health and slow the aging process by means other than pharma. Because of the diabetes diagnosis, I knew I had to change my eating habits and also lose weight, a consequence I certainly wouldn’t mind! (I have lost 60 lbs., thus far.)

First, I purchased some self-help books on type-2 diabetes. I also did many Internet searches to learn so much more about the subject. And I did discover that there are some delicious recipes on the Web for people who need to control their blood sugar and cholesterol levels. However, much later, when looking for more delicious recipes, I discovered a website about controlling diabetes through a diet promoting high carbohydrate intake. This diet has also worked for me, helping to lower my A1C level into a normal range!

Getting and Staying Healthy with OGF!

One product that I am especially enthusiastic about for seniors, though the product is for adults of all ages, is Dr. Keller’s Original Glutathione Formula, or OGF. I began taking this product before Medicare and generally felt better, but I was still eating all those sugar-laden foods, especially buckets-full of mango-flavored frozen yogurt. I just wasn’t very regimented, so I started taking OGF when I would remember to, which was very sporadically – until I stopped altogether. Did I associate the nosedive in my overall wellness to this cessation of OGF? No. Frankly, I can be kind of a ditz. Day-to-day living dominated, and any thoughtful analysis about my overall health situation at the time just did not occur to me – until that first Medicare checkup.

Discover Original Glutathione Formula RobKellerMD

After dithering about for a year or two and trying some other products without consistent success, I decided to refocus on the OGF. I had been taking it for about four months when I had another doctor’s checkup. Not only had my A1C blood sugar level dropped back into the normal range, but my total cholesterol level had dropped to 140 when below 200 is considered good! My eye doctor was also impressed because of concerns about diabetes and glaucoma, which she saw no signs of in my recent eye exams.   

OGF Testimonials

I went to the Rob Keller MD website and started reading some of the testimonials about this product. I found one in which after being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, another customer has also experienced a lowered A1C . She uses the product regularly and has now gone several years without a recurrence of diabetes symptoms. She noted that cellular inflammation in the pancreas can eventually lead to type-2 diabetes. OGF combats cellular inflammation throughout the body.

According to Dr. Keller, glutathione is “arguably the body’s most powerful antioxidant.” 

That is the beauty of OGF; it helps to prevent or provide relief from so many of the diseases resulting from inflammation and associated with aging – or any unhealthy imbalance in the body, regardless of age. If you are interested in learning more about the healthy benefits of OGF, begin below with this three-minute video. Then, to learn even more and read some of the encouraging testimonials, click on this link.


 You can go to this RKMD website to see the special offerings on OGF and our other great products for promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

If you click on any of the links on this page, you will be going to my affiliate link. If you purchase the products, which I hope you would for all the best healthful reasons, I will receive a commission. And if the product benefits you as well as it has done for me, consider becoming an affiliate as well!  Affiliate Marketing is discussed under the Extra Income topics of this website. 

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