A Senior Chatting with Other Seniors

Senior Subjects is going to focus on subjects of interest to seniors, the 55-and-over crowd, and we are quite a crowd - the Baby Boomers!

Actually, there are some really good blogs on the Internet about the retirement lifestyle, so I will just be adding my two cents to the discussion. This website will start with some specific subjects that are of interest to many seniors, and I envision these subjects constantly expanding. However, I will also cover other subjects that I hope might be of interest also.

And I will especially look forward to hearing thoughts and opinions from other seniors. I don't claim to be an authority on much, if anything, but we can share our experiences with or opinions on the various topics and articles that will appear here. I know that some of these bloggers I just mentioned are much more knowledgeable than I am on one or more of these subjects, so I will from time to time be referring readers to their web pages for more detailed information. 

I hope to cover a lot of interesting, useful, and fun subjects - and learn as we go!

My Initial Subject Areas

International Living

International living is an option for seniors to enjoy their retirement, whether financially limited or not, while living a new lifestyle and learning a new culture.

Extra Income

Many seniors need some extra income, and we will be discussing some ideas and where to find them!

Getting Healthy!

Healthy products to promote anti-aging and return your body to functioning as it was designed to do are available!

Featured Article

The Aloha Shirt

The Aloha Shirt is an iconic symbol of all that Hawaii embodies and an ambience-creating element in any casual get-together. In winter, it can take the chill out of a cold climate and have everyone looking forward to summer! 

Elvis Presley in an Aloha shirt playing bongos