I am still relatively new at creating a website, but I am a senior, thus, senior subjectsI have started this blog for a couple reasons. First, in all honesty, I need to supplement my income, not an unfamiliar subject for many seniors.

I signed on to the popular job site FlexJobs to find some part-time work, especially in telecommuting (working at home via computer). Because I have taught classes online for fifteen years using several tech tools that go along with online teaching, I thought I was pretty tech savvy.  

I wanted to try something new, such as doing some content writing since I majored in English and literature. And I considered being a virtual assistant since I have also worked in sales and management and taught business writing for years.  I even thought about maybe content editing because I certainly have seen a lot of websites that could use my proofreading and editing help. 

After receiving several polite but non-personal e-mail rejections for my telecommuting applications, what I have learned is that apparently I’m not as tech proficient as I thought, not at all by today’s ever expanding media technologies. However, in reading several job blurbs, I noticed that having a blog appears to be one measure of an applicant’s tech media proficiency. Being on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube . . . (believe me, the list is endless) is also apparently an indication of one's proficiency.

So, since I wanted to try something new, along with whatever learning that required, and since I learned that a blog could also be a means of generating some additional income, here I am. But then I also realized that I had discovered, and am discovering, a lot about being a senior, some good and some not so good.  So, I started thinking that this website might be a good place to cover subjects of interest to seniors and maybe get some feedback from other 'Boomers as well.

International living, supplemental income, and healthy options are just a few of the subjects I’d like to discuss here. There might be others that readers might suggest as related to the 55-and-older crowd  – while keeping it helpful, useful, and positive. I will be adding new ideas on these subjects as I go along. There will also be some feature articles on subjects that I think might be of interest to seniors (nostalgia, perhaps?).

If you have stumbled across this website and find it confusing or lacking in content, forgive me; I am still working on it, and it is going rather slowly. I am amazed at all the distractions that have fiendishly popped up since I started planning this website. And, oh my, the amount of information to be learned on the web is endless - and ever expanding!

However, I want to take a moment to give kudos to James Stafford at Websites Made Easy and Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income. I really knew nothing about creating an effective website (an ongoing learning process), let alone a website at all. I am amazed at the magnanimity of people such as James and Pat for providing so much helpful information - and for free! The process has been at rather a snail's pace on the learning curve for me, but very rewarding, and I sincerely thank you, gentlemen!

If you are interested in creating a blog of your own, I highly recommend that you go to Pat Flynn's website. His Build Your Own Brand step-by-step tutorial is a recipe for success - and it's free! There are so many aspects to building a useful and successful website that I would have never known otherwise! And I know it's an old chestnut, but believe me, if I can do it, you can do it!

I would love to hear from you!

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I hope to cover a lot of interesting, useful, and fun subjects - and learn as we go!

Links to Subject Areas

International Living

International living is an option for seniors to enjoy their retirement, whether financially limited or not, while living a new lifestyle and learning a new culture.

Extra Income

Many seniors need some extra income, and we will be discussing some ideas and where to find them!

Getting Healthy!

Healthy products to promote anti-aging and return your body to functioning as it was designed to do are available!